What is National Fitness League ®? “USNFL”

NationalFitnessLeague.com (USNFL) is a New League for FITNESS and Personal Trainers. It was developed to help enhance and support the FITNESS industry educators and coaches. The USNFL – National Fitness League is developed and run by athletes to help athletes succeed and to monitor the quality and integrity of FITNESS and NUTRITION.

Our Mission
USNFL’s mission is to ensure people have access to well-qualified, experienced, educated, certified health and fitness professional personal trainers and health nutritionists and coaches, and science-based information and resources on safe and effective physical activity, so they may get active, establish healthy behaviors, have the convenience to workout at anytime and live their most fit lives.

The National Fitness League will offer the following as it grows and develops:

• Fitness Expos and Competitions in fitness and bodybuilding in the national and international arenas.
• Institutional Accreditations.
• Program Accreditations.
• Approval of Certifications for individuals.
• Approval of educational institutions and athletic teams for all ages.
• Endorsement for all types of fitness programs, educational programs, certification programs, TV shows, commercials, books, magazines, articles, publication, media, electronic, internet, audio, video, collectables, collectors cards, collectors pictures, collectors items.

To provide opportunities for athletes and personal trainers regardless of athletic ability, and to support and help to provide benefits to the consumer and the personal trainer.

To promote active and healthy lifestyles by endorsing, approving nutrition and fitness programs, educational programs, nutrition software, educational courses, practical courses.

USNFL – National Fitness League will be creating a magazine that deals with athletics and personal training, nutrition, health and fitness products, report and advise on safety of fitness equipment, diet programs, exercise programs of all kinds.

How to Advertise and be seen on the National Fitness League ® website.

The National Fitness League ® is so unique that no one in the world has ever created such service for personal trainers to grow their business and market themselves and for the consumer to locate and reserve a training session almost immediately.

For the Certified Personal Trainer:

Whether you are a full time or part time personal trainer, this site will help give you exposure and direct consumers to you fast.
The consumer can text you, email you, call you to schedule a training session with you immediately if you are available “. Read below about the unique features that we have implemented to help you make money and grow your business.

1. The “Available NOW” will inform anyone that visits the site to see who is available now to be contacted to schedule a session immediately or in the future. As the trainer you can activate and deactivate the “available now” feature on your profile at anytime. But this feature will have to be set every day, it will deactivate itself every 24 hours and send you a reminder to reactivate.

2. The “PayPal” feature will allow the consumer to pay you by PayPal to your account directly to schedule the session with you according to your schedule and what ever was discussed between you and the client. Get paid immediately so the client commits to the session. Remember failure to provide for the paid session will result in the reversal of the money and the suspension of your account with “NationalFitnessLeague.com”.

Click here to register as a Personal Trainer on the USNFL.

For the Client that is seeking personal trainers.

Are you looking to get in shape or just workout with a different trainer?

1.The unique features that we implemented will help you find a local personal trainer that is available “NOW” to your convenience, you may text him, call him or email him depending on the urgency. The other unique feature is the payment to reserve the training session with the personal trainer of your choice to insure the time and the session.

Click here to register as a client and browse all the profile of all Personal Trainers in USNFL.

2. Available NOW feature will indicate that the personal trainer is available now and you can contact him, text him, call him or email him immediately. Personal Trainers will respond to your text message almost immediately to gain a new client to make money.

3. PayPal feature is great so you the client can secure the session with the personal trainer according to your schedule and the time you wish to do the session. It is best to confirm with the personal trainer prior to submitting any fees. It is up to you to pay or not pay. Also remember that if you schedule a session with a personal trainer and pay the fee and never show up, the personal trainer do have the choice to reschedule or not to return / refund the fees paid for that session.

It is advisable to always sign for proof of service when you meet with the personal trainer. And as for the personal trainer he must have a form for the client to sign for proof of service for future records.


NationalFitnessLeague.com is not responsible for any moneys exchanged between personal trainers and clients that are visiting the NationalFitnessLeague.com website. NationalFitnessLeague.com is neither a mediator nor in a business dealing with any personal trainer, any programs or products that the personal trainers are offering. All personal trainers must be certified and must have a liability insurance to protect their work and business.

If you have an issue with payments, please contact PayPal to resolve the issue. If you have an issue with scheduling, you must take that up with the personal trainer. NationalFitnessLeague.com is not an agent or representing any person on its website. All personal trainers are independent contractors and not involved, or a part of the NationalFitnessLeague.com website or the service that it offers. You may email us if you have any questions to info@NationalFitnessLeague.com

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